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I am an avid fisherman which is an addiction I inherited from my Dad. I teach classes in custom fishing rod building. I started fooling with computers when few companies had a computer, and even fewer individuals had a PC. Today I teach computer classes for fellow seniors at our local senior center. I am married to a Master Gardener, so I spend a lot of time digging beds for her plants. I spend a lot of time admiring the achievements of my three sons and their offsprings. Most of all my wonderful soulmate keeps my life alive and exciting.

Monday, January 02, 2006

A Time to Change

As I was working on my blog, I got an email from a close friend.  She attached a newspaper article that detailed the stabbing death of a friend and colleague.  She was shocked and hurt.  

Though I didn’t know the lady that was killed, I realized my life, like most others, has had some unexpected twists and turn.  What this brought to mind is my TAT Syndrome, “There’s Always Tomorrow.”  I’ve done it most of my life, put off today what you can do tomorrow.  Of course it makes little difference if I mow the lawn today or tomorrow, or get books to the library this week.  But the more serious aspects of the syndrome have truly affected my life.

I spent the majority of my wage earning years involved in many activities other than my work and my marriage.  The latter I lost, and with it the joy of watching my sons grow.  I ignored overtures from my folks to come visit, the syndrome again.  

As the New Year starts I have renewed my vow not to succumb to this self inflicted “disease.” I cannot afford it.  When my Dad died, I was on the road working, and had not visited him in many months.  Just a little over a year ago my Mom died.  I was not there, but had planned a visit when the winter weather got better.  When I look at the new calendar, I realize I will turn 80 this year, and I don’t know how many things I can put off.  Rather than take the chance on missing anything, I want to start today, right now.  With luck, I can invest in another blog a year from now, and see how well I did. It took some strength to quit a career of smoking, and a lot of painful hard work to quit an equally devastating devotion to liquor.  If I put those completely behind me, than I guess I can do this.  I will, damn straight

One of my plans was to sort out a bunch of stuff that I’ve collected in my office.  When I went through an old file, I found something I’d written over a decade ago.  It underscores my TAT Syndrome

I Wish
On a table in the living room,
On the wall here in my den
Are pictures of my Dad and I
And I took both of them.

I took this when my Dad and I
Went far north to fish.Catching the biggest Walleye
Was then my only wish.

When I took the other one,
40 years had slipped on by
But there were a lot of memories
Shared by my Dad and I.

A pal, a friend and inspiration
More than he’d ever know
But as I set here now,
How I wish I’d told him so.

I seldom said, “What should I do?”
Or “Which way should I go?”
Yet he helped to guide my way,
More times than I would know.

I guess I learned from my mistakes,
Though I repeated one or two
He was there to pick me up;
Never asked, “Now what did you do?”

When I reflect on life with him,
Oh yes he was a man.
I hope to be as great as he,
Though try is all I can.

A pal, a friend, and inspiration,
More than he’d even know
But now that Dad is long since gone,
How I wish I told him so.

Oh, I’ve also decided that I won’t postpone winning the lottery.  But wait, I have to buy a ticket first. Damn that syndrome


Blogger Ed Kieff said...

Very nice! I like your writing John. I wish I'd have seen this earlier.

4:28 AM  

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